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"I started Engage Property not only to provide my family with a future, but also to create an agency I knew the industry needed.  I am a landlord and an investor, so I have experienced the highs, the lows, and everything in between.  Having that personal insight enables me to educate my team and clients on how best to approach every situation.

Passion and drive infuse everything that we do.  By providing an exceptional service as well as education, we give you the knowledge you need to feel confident in your decisions, enriching your experience throughout the process.  We are reimagining estate agency by focusing our approach on the client’s perspective.  We’re not afraid to step out of the box, and we don’t make excuses.

There is no pretence in how we do business; we act with integrity, and this means making reliable promises.  We only ever commit to what we believe we can deliver.  Our reputation was not created overnight; it was earned through being open, and establishing trusting connections.

You will receive the same high quality of service whether you’re selling or letting a property, to us there is no difference.  We’re proud to be forward thinking, carving our niche within Reading by offering something so refreshing that our clients are glad to return for another glass."

Adrian Dunk

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